All Kinds of Awesome

I’m usually not a fan of photographing newborns in clothes, no matter how cute the clothes are. A simple blanket or swaddle often works best. And so, when driving to Texas a couple weeks ago to meet Will, my new great nephew, I packed a baby blanket I thought would work well for his pictures.

“Waaaaaa, Waaaaaa, WAAAAAAA!!!!!” cried Will as soon as the blanket came out. This, from the baby who reportedly never cries. A diaper change later and we all knew Lil’ Will wasn’t having any part of baby pictures. Photo attempt #1: Fail. Who’s crying now?

Well, not me, because visiting my sister and her family on our first trip to the T & H Farm just north of Austin was awesome. Some highlights – cool treehouse lunches, homemade pear pie a la mode, dogs, cats, goats & more (oh my!), endless hours of coin toss fun with Sam, neighborly nature walks, backyard archery, Lil’ Bit (the smaller of two longhorn neighbors), and periodic thought provoking questions from 11 year old Zane such as, “Do great meals result more from the recipe or the chef?”

By Sunday, the day before we were to drive back home, I had lost hope of photographing baby Will. Then, suddenly out of nowhere (or maybe from upstairs), my awesome, sleep deprived nephew Thad walked by with Will and hurriedly whispered, “I think maybe we can try to get some quick baby pictures now.” Robyn, my equally awesome niece agreed.

So … I flew to the window with camera and flash, tore open the shutters and threw up the sash, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but

a miniature baby with eight tiny —Oh wait, TEN tiny toes, dear!

Okay, okay, I’ll stop so you can look at the baby pictures.

I could be a little biased but he’s super cute, right? All cuddly 8 pounds, 14 ounces delivered three weeks early?

You know, after thinking a little more about it, I tend to think Will was right in rejecting the baby blanket. I’ve even grown a little partial to the onesie. Can you guess why?

Yep, the label says it all; he’ll fit right in. One could say the onesie fits him to a T…

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please stay well, swell, and awesome.

8 Replies to “All Kinds of Awesome”

  1. So great to read your blog again MC and to see these beautiful baby pics! I love the hands holding the tiny feet and hands cupping the whole baby. But love the tender photos with daddy too.


    1. Oh you’re so sweet Chris! Thank you. So great hearing from you again. I hope you & all your family are doing well.


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