The Corona Virus: Making Sense of it All

News flash: I’m breaking my blog silence with this long overdue, surely much anticipated post …

A little context – On Thursday Gov. Bill Lee announced COVID-19 had spread to Tennessee. Only one man has it. He’s 44, lives in Williamson County (my county), and is staying home. Although his child (children?) attend a local private school, the entire Williamson County public school district responded by closing its doors for two days to do a “deep clean.” Really??

So yesterday afternoon I drove down to Lewisburg, Tennessee to photograph a fast food restaurant and as I was coming home I stopped in the local Walmart to buy some hand sanitizer and soap. That’s reasonable, right? I’d heard Costco had been crazy busy Thursday with people stockpiling supplies & this rural Walmart seemed like a good alternative. It was until the man in front of me at checkout turned around, eyed my soap and shamed me with:

“Oh! I see you’re got some soap there. Uh huh. You’re stocking up to fight the Corona virus. Not me. I’m not doing nothin’ about it. I say bring it on!” (manly big belly laughter follows).

The lady across the aisle then responds:

“Yeah. You know what? My Lysol can [at home] says it fights the Corona virus. Has said that for years. Says so right on the label!”

At this point I try to interject that while her Lysol can may say that, this is the novel Corona Virus – a new strand. It’s like she doesn’t hear me and proceeds to check out anyway. Nevertheless I hear her saying under her breath, “now I do sometimes worry that my children might catch it …” I start to tell her that actually children seem to be resistant but then I, too, fade off. It doesn’t even occur to me to take pictures. It’s just another day at Walmart.

As I’m nearing home about 6:30 I stop in my local Publix to buy some fake ice cream. Soon I realize this typically busy grocery is virtually empty. Only me and a few others are in the store. And, as I start to look around, many of the shelves are also empty. So now I take some phone pictures …

empty shelves for Lysol Wipes

Okay, I get that. Next –

empty shelves for toilet paper

I only get this because a FB repost from a friend in Washington state prepared me. It said “will trade for toilet paper.” Next …

empty shelves for paper towels

Okay, I kind of get this. If the Lysol wipes are out of stock, you spray your favorite cleaner and then wipe with a dry paper towel. Next –

mandarin oranges seem popular

Okay I may get this – it’s the Vitamin C thing. Next …

empty shelves for bottled water

Okay, I don’t get this. At all. Will somebody please explain the run on bottled water? Do people think COVID-19 is going to spread through our water supply??

and then there’s this:

empty shelves for Easter candy

Okay I got this. If we’re hunkering down maybe for the next month or so, by golly at least our kids are going to have a happy Easter! That’s it, right? No??

After I return home I tell Don about my topsy turvy “novel” encounters. You know what he says?

“and all these people vote for President.”


Thanks for following my blog. I’ll be back, sometime, probably …

4 Replies to “The Corona Virus: Making Sense of it All”

  1. Mary, you are just the best. The Voice of reason. If you run for political office I will vote for you. I wonder if all the preppers are Aware of how many flu deaths we have annually?

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  2. Thanks for your post. I told my husband this morning that I wish there was a “common sense” reasoning and more positive media in today’s world. We cause lots more damage in so many ways by panic and overkill. I’m “hoping” that some of the empty shelves are because folks are taking supplies for tornado victims in our area. …hoping!


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